Virginia College Dems' Secret Plan to Boost Turnout: 'Send ur Hotties'

The College Democrats at the University of Virginia accidentally sent out an internal meeting minutes memo to untold dozens. Now it’s all over the Internet, where we can mock them. Emphases added.


UDems Exec Agenda:  Sunday, September 22, 2012; 9:00pm; Outside Newcomb Board Room

I.               Highs/ Lows of the Week

II.             Old Business

A.    Meeting

a.     Somewhat competitive

b.     Carmen sounded crazy

B.    Phonebank

a.     Bad turnout

C.    Canvass

a.     Low turnout

b.     Some non-boardies didn’t show up

III.            Current Business

A.    This week’s meeting

a.     Professor Sanders-State Senator Mark Herring, Peter doing GOTV training

b.     Dean Grimes-education policy 10/3

B.    Publicity

a.     PMs will do it

C.    Phone Bank

a.     OFA one in the corner office

b.     Come after 5 PM

D.   Canvass

a.     Switch, make this local

b.     Meet by student health

E.    Program Managers

a.     Happening tonight

F.    Lynchburg Trip

a.     Charlottesville canvas

b.     Do an OFA one

G.   Sorority Forum

a.     Preve is gonna talk

b.     Send ur hotties

There’s more at the link.

Who knows? Sending in the hotties just might work. The Democrats are so well stocked for that, at least at the national level.

They’re gonna need a Plan B.




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