Caught on Tape: Debbie 'Dead-Last' Wasserman Schultz Caught in Lie About Israel

The DC Examiner reported Tuesday that DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz quoted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren saying that the Republicans are dangerous for Israel. DWS denied making the comments, and accused the Examiner of misquoting her.


Well, today, the Examiner posted the audio. In it, she says exactly what the Examiner reported that she said, word for word.

The Israelis have categorically denied that Oren ever made those comments. Since Wasserman Schultz has been caught lying about the Examiner’s report, it’s fair to assume that she is also lying about what she says Oren said.

The quote fracas follows an embarrassing week for Rep. Wasserman Schultz. She turned up at the RNC convention in Tampa last week under mysterious circumstances, and only allowed liberal press to interview her. During her appearance at the RNC, a flier made its way around radio row. That flier revealed that among the Obama campaign, Wasserman Schults rates “dead last” among its surrogate spokesmen for effectiveness. The flier also described Wasserman Schultz as a “headache” for the campaign.


Under her tenure, the DNC has been badly outgunned in fundraising by the RNC. Today’s decision to move President Obama’s acceptance speech from the huge Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte to the far smaller Time Warner Cable Arena, blamed on a slight chance of rain on what one local meteorologist says should be the best night of the week, only adds to the image of a DNC in chaos led by an incompetent at the top.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was President Obama’s hand-picked choice to lead the DNC.


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