Isn't This Kind of a Big Deal?

One of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign co-chairs has hit the campaign trail, but he is campaigning for Obama’s opponent.

The man who seconded Barack Obama’s presidential nomination at the DNC in 2008 is now campaigning against the president. Artur Davis was co-chair of Obama’s first campaign, but he’ll today campaign in Virginia in support of Mitt Romney, a Romney campaign aide tells CNN. Davis served four terms as a Democratic congressman, but announced a switch to the Republican Party in May.


Davis, who is black, says that Obama has gone too far to the left on policy. He also says that his former party (he switched from the Democrats to the GOP) is in purposeful denial about voter fraud. Davis also refutes Attorney General Eric Holder’s assertion that voter ID laws amount to a poll tax.

Imagine for a moment that one of McCain’s 2008 figures, say Mark McKinnon, went out and actively campaigned for Obama this year.

Politico would make it sound like Abe Lincoln himself had switched parties. CNN and MSNBC would go wall to wall, covering everything the switcher said.

But despite the fact that CNN has the story on its web site neither network is giving Artur Davis any airtime, just as they’re working hard not to cover the FRC shooting today.

There was a time when CNN was the place to turn for breaking news. Now it’s the place to turn to see what real news is not being covered.


As for Davis, I’ve met him and he is very impressive. Hopefully the Romney campaign can deploy him effectively. It would be great to have an ad in which Davis discusses Biden’s “chains” comment.


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