Obama Readies to Lay Out 'Specific Agenda' for Second Term

President Obama held yet another high dollar fundraiser Monday night. At the $40,000 per plate party in New York City, the president said that he intends to begin explaining what he would do with a second term in office, according to an ABC report. Perhaps we’re due for another “pivot to jobs.”


“This phase of the campaign I think you’re seeing a lot of negative ads and a lot of contrast ads, although when people start saying how terrible it is I just have to remind them  to take a look at what Jefferson and Adams had to say about each other, and democracy has always been pretty rough and pretty messy,” Obama said.

“There is going to be, though, as the summer winds down and we get into the fall, the need for voters in these swing states to know not just what they’re voting against but also what they’re voting for. And so we’ll be spending a lot of time talking about the specific agenda that I intend to pursue in the second term, which I think will make sure that this economy is going full guns.”

The economy is stuck above 8 percent unemployment and threatening to dip back into recession. If the president’s agenda for a second term is anything like his actions in the first, he will have a lot on his plate: Americans can expect more payoffs to unions, no meetings with experienced job creators, more laws like ObamaCare that a majority of the people oppose, more taxpayer-funded loans to the president’s supporters, “flexibility” to establish deals with the Russians, more high unemployment, an even less secure border, perhaps another deadly scandal like Fast and Furious, lavish vacations, and golf.


Four years ago, then Sen. Obama specifically promised not to go negative on his opponent, decrying “slash and burn politics” before airing thousands of negative ads against Sen. John McCain. So far, his campaign against Mitt Romney has consisted almost entirely of negative ads. His email campaign has devolved from strategy memos and poll numbers to angst, hectoring and manipulation.

A new Gallup poll out on Monday shows some ominous news for the president. President Obama has been campaigning lately on increasing taxes on the wealthy. But voters rank creating jobs, reducing government corruption, reducing the federal budget deficit and several other issues far ahead of raising taxes. The Romney campaign has been stressing the economy and reducing the deficit, and is in better sync with voters’ priorities.




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