Tampa's Democrat Mayor Wages War on Women

Tampa, FL will host the Republican National Convention next month. Tampa’s Mayor Bob Buckhorn is making a jerk of himself this month. In a sleazy hit story in the New York Times, Buckhorn puts his ignorance and his misogyny on full display. The story uses Tampa’s reputation — strip club capital of America — to attack the Republicans who have not even held their convention there yet. It notes that one strip club has hired a Sarah Palin lookalike.


Enter Mayor Buckhorn, dignity nowhere in sight.

“I wonder whether the look-alike will be able to see Russia from the stage,” he asked, a question meant for the ex-governor’s doppelgänger.

Buckhorn’s joke isn’t funny. It’s creepy. He’s aping Tina Fey’s unfair impersonation of Palin to attack Palin herself, and helping draw attention to the strip club’s sleazy attack on the former governor and vice presidential nominee as well. If Palin were a Democrat, it’s a safe bet that Buckhorn would pull a Menino and rail against the strip club. But Palin is a Republican, so whatever means are used to attack her is just fine with him.

The Democrats should be required to report the strip club’s action as an in-kind contribution.




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