Obama Surrogate in Virginia: Romney's Appeal is 'All About Race'

Official Obama campaign surrogate, Virginia state Sen. Louise Lucas says let’s be real clear, Mitt Romney is only taking to racists. She made the comments this morning on the John Fredericks Morning Show.


SENATOR LUCAS: What I am saying to you is Mitt Romney, he’s speaking to a segment of the population, who does not like to see people other than a White man in a White House or any other elected position.

Let’s be real clear about it… let’s be real clear  Mitt Romney is speaking to a group of people out there who don’t like folks like Barack Obama in any elected or leadership position. We know what’s going on here and some people may be afraid to say it but I am not. I am not afraid to say it.

He’s speaking to that fringe out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. Senator Miller said it before she died and I agreed with her. They don’t want President Barack Obama in office as President and for all the reasons that you and I and alot of other people understand.

HOST: Do you really believe now that this all about race?

LUCAS: I absolutely believe it’s all about race and for the first time I’ve convinced my children finally that racism is alive and well.

HOST: Even in Virginia?

LUCAS: In Virginia how about all across this nation. And especially in Virginia!


Lucas also, predictably, played the Bush card. Nothing is the fault of the man who ran for and won the job, has occupied it for going on four years, and wants the job for four more years.

To the extent that either candidate’s appeal can be fairly characterized as racist, it has to be Obama’s. His campaign has “African Americans for Obama” and “Hispanics for Obama,” and Obama was certainly speaking to a segment of the population when he goaded Hispanic voters to “punish their enemies,” meaning people who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. Obama’s attorney general made a racist statement in congressional testimony when he referred to “my people.” Additionally, Obama can expect to count on about 95% of the black vote despite the fact that black unemployment far outpaces the rest of the nation.



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