Biden Fundrai$ing Email: 'Trust Me, You'll Have Fun'

Yet another odd fundraising email from Camp Obama. This one is from Joe Biden, and comes with more than a whiff of “But really, I swear, getting your wisdom teeth ripped out without anesthesia is fun! Trust me, pal.”


Subject: Trust me — you’ll have fun

Joe Biden [email protected]

Friend —

Barack’s turning 51 in a couple weeks. And when he goes home to Chicago for a birthday party in his backyard, a couple grassroots supporters like you will be flown in from wherever you live to celebrate.

In the middle of a tough election, it’s important to pause on occasion and take some time with friends.

What do you say?

We’ll cover the flight and hotel for you and a guest — donate $3 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered to win:

Take it from me. You’ll have fun at this one.


You can almost see him flashing his teeth.



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