Romney, Obama Campaigns Address Colorado Shootings

In response to this morning’s tragedy in Aurora, CO, both presidential campaigns have pulled their ads off the air in Colorado. The Romney campaign has pulled all of its ads, canceled Ann Romney’s campaign events and says Gov. Romney’s planned address later today will focus on the shootings. The Obama campaign announced that it is pulling all of its negative ads, which it characterized as “contrast ads,” until further notice.


Speaking in Fort Myers, FL, President Obama said the tragedy “reminded us of all the ways we are united.” He said that the federal government stands ready to all that is necessary to bring the accused shooter to justice. Saying that “we may never understand” the shooter’s motives, we do know what makes life “worth living.”

The president noted that his daughters go to the movies, could have been at that movie, and that he and Michelle will be fortunate enough to hug them tonight. The hand-picked audience of supporters responded to the president’s somber speech with several punctuations of applause, before the president called for a moment of silence.



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