Nolan Ryan May Actually Be the 'Most Interesting Man in the World'

Things said about The Most Interesting Man in the World:

He lives vicariously, through himself.

He has license to mess with Texas, but doesn’t, out of respect.


Athletes seek his autograph.

He quit school in the first grade because the teacher called “Recess!” and he doesn’t play.

Sharks have a week dedicated to him.

That in mind, watch what legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan did Sunday afternoon. The Texas Rangers, which Ryan owns, were hosting the Minnesota Twins at the Ballpark in Arlington. In the fourth inning with the score tied at zero, a thunderclap struck and sounded like the end of the world. Players and umpires went scrambling for cover and the game was delayed immediately. You’ll see Ryan’s reaction to all this at the end of this clip.

He seems to be thinking “Eh, it’s just a little rain.”

Everyone knew that Nolan Ryan could take on athletes much younger than himself and give them a humiliating beatdown, and get them thrown out of the game at the same time. Few knew that Nolan Ryan, pitcher of an incredible 7 no-hitters, was a Zeus-like force of nature.

The Rangers, by the way, toyed with the Twins for 8 innings before tying things up in the bottom of the ninth and winning with their second consecutive walk-off RBI in the bottom of the 13th, 4-3.

Stay awesome, my friends.


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