Sarah Palin Co-Hosts Today on Tuesday

NBC goes rogue.

NBC’s “Today” show is bringing Sarah Palin on board as a co-host — for one morning, this Tuesday.

The announcement was posted Sunday on NBC’s website. It says the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate will “reveal a different side” than viewers have seen before.

The booking is clearly an attempt to blunt the impact of “Today” alumna Katie Couric’s weeklong return to morning TV as a guest host on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”


Today host Matt Lauer, who took 18 years to “complete” his college degree, asked the former governor of Alaska if she is reading newspapers to prep for the gig. Palin graciously laughed off her colleague’s insulting question.

“How nervous should you all be?” Palin joked, referring to her guest-hosting the program. “What are you doing to prepare?” Lauer asked. “Are you reading some newspapers?”

“Ohhh,” Palin said, sounding jokingly insulted. “Here we go.”

Palin completed her degree in six years, or one-third the time it took Lauer to almost complete his, and went on to a brief career in broadcasting before moving on to serving as mayor of Wasilla, AK, serving as chairman and ethics officer on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and being elected governor of the state of Alaska. At the time John McCain chose Palin as his running mate, Sarah Palin was the most popular governor in the United States, with a reputation for taking on entrenched and corrupt politicians of both parties. She was Alaska’s first woman governor and the youngest person ever elected to that office.


That was all before news presenters like Matt Lauer systematically destroyed her reputation.




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