Daily Show Report: Zuccotti Occupiers Had Their Own Ghetto and Were Segregated by Class

The classes being, roughly, the university hipsters and the ghetto. And according to the ghetto people, the hipsters made the decisions for everyone else despite only being 15% of the movement. So I guess they’ve hit feudalism on their grand recapitulation of the arc of history. Hopefully they can speed up and re-invent the toilet by, say, Monday.


There’s so much good in this video that it’s hard to know what to highlight. The Iwo Jima-as-Porta-Potty monument is genius. The park ghetto man who notices that the elites come to the downtrodden when dirty work needs doing is priceless. He is the rough man who stands ready to do violence on behalf of the trust fund hippie sipping espresso in Zuccotti’s uptown, or something. The man at the end who wants to abolish private property but keep everyone else’s grubby paws off his personal property — his iPad — is so good I watched it twice.

It looks like the occupiers have lost Jon Stewart. That’s like losing Cronkite during Vietnam.


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