Obama holds hypocritical WH forum on bullying

First, the story, at HuffPo.

The White House Conference on Bullying Prevention is bringing together educators, experts, politicians and more to shed light on how the issue affects American communities and present strategies for reducing instances of bullying.

Bullying has gained increasing media attention in recent years with a spurt of highly publicized suicides of young people who took their own lives to escape the torment of their peers. The growth of technology has also played a role in the spreading of bullying.


Who is Barack Obama to come out against bullying? His entire career is based on bullying.

First, take a look at what community organizers really do. They stir up resentment, organize the resenters into groups, and then use those groups to demand concessions by using street protests, which often threaten violence or actually become violent. Rev. Al Sharpton is a prime example of this tactic. And in his pre-politics career, this kind of bullying was exactly what Barack Obama did. Stanley Kurtz’s book, Radical in Chief, goes into great detail both about the role of community organizers in far left politics, and about a couple of Obama’s bullying tactics.

Now, fast forward to his time in the White House. How did Obama treat the situation in Honduras? When that country’s president tried remaining in office in express violation of their constitution, Obama ordered aid to Honduras cut off. He tried bullying Honduras into keeping Zelaya in office, and is apparently still working against the Honduran constitution behind the scenes. That’s no way to treat a friend like our historical ally Honduras, but it is how a bully behaves.

What happened when Arizona passed its immigration law that mirrored existing federal law? Obama sent out his attorney general to sue that state, both to stop the law and to warn other states against passing similar laws. Organizing for America sent that line down through state Democratic parties; I encountered it when I was working for the Texas GOP.  It was a dumb line to take from a tactical point of view, but it was and is the behavior of a bully.


What’s happening in Wisconsin right now? Organizing for America, Obama’s personal political army, is working behind the scenes to help stir up the protests. Now, protesters are taking over the capitol to block the vote. They’re behaving as bullies, threatening the Republicans involved with recall and even death, and halting the democratic process in its tracks at every turn. And not just in Wisconsin, of course: Democrats in Indiana ran off too. Obama himself called the Wisconsin budget repair bill an “assault on the unions.” What’s happening in these states is nothing less than organized bullying, and Obama supports it. He has tried to distance himself from it, but he can’t wipe off the radical fingerprints he had already left.

When Obama called on Hispanics to “punish our enemies”: Bullying. The way Obama’s minions intimidated voters during the 2008 caucuses in Iowa and Texas: Bullying. The way he treated Republicans at the very beginning of his term, declaring “I won” when they objected to his policies: Bullying. What are Alinsky tactics and the “Chicago Way,” if not bullying to gain political advantage?


This president is the Bully in Chief. He has no standing to call anyone else out for doing the same thing he does, especially when as President of the United States, he bullies on a grander scale than any schoolyard bully ever can.



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