Video: "You film me again...and I'm going to kill you"

A scene from the city of Leicester, England, January 22, 2011.  According to the videographer, he saw a group of Muslim men proselytizing on the street, handing out materials.  He decided to film them, as was his right to do in a public place where there is no expectation of privacy (and a policeman nearby made no move to stop him).  Two of the men confronted the videographer, he refused to budge and referred the men both to English common law which allows anyone to film anyone else in public space, and to the nearby policeman.  The men didn’t take that for an answer.


The threat to kill the cameraman comes about 2:15 in.

In his notes on YouTube, the cameraman says there was a CCTV camera nearby that was undoubtedly capturing everything that was going on, but the men didn’t question that at all.  They probably weren’t even aware of it.

It’s possible that there is some missing context, something that occurred before the camera started recording.  But there’s no evidence of that in what’s posted, and what context could there be that justifies the threat to kill the cameraman?  The men seem to have no problem with getting up in the cameraman’s face, and threatening him, in daylight with a policeman nearby.

(hat tip: Libertarian Republican)



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