Bin Laden's Son Rallies Young Muslims for New Jihad-and-Shariah Arab Spring

Hamza bin Laden (CIA video)

The son of Osama bin Laden continued his rise as the mouthpiece of his father’s terror organization with a new message today calling for retaliation against the specific Navy SEALs who raided the Abbottabad compound six years ago and urging young Muslims to revolt with a new, Shariah-based Arab Spring.


Now in his late 20s, bin Laden was officially brought into the family business two years ago and was designated a terrorist by the United States this January.

In the video and written message released by al-Qaeda’s as-Sahab media, Hamza said his father “with limited means… civilian aircrafts” was “able to rub America’s nose in dust and strike at its very heart, dragging it into a confrontation with the Ummah [Muslim community] instead of a confrontation with just a few individuals.”

“And so America’s armies were forcefully dragged into the swamps of Iraq and Afghanistan,” the young bin Laden added. “America was forced to flee Iraq defeated and humiliated, while it is still stuck in the quagmire that is Afghanistan, in spite of the admission of its former President, Obama, of the defeat of his country at the hands of the forces of the Islamic Emirate [Taliban].”

He encouraged Muslims to “return to jihad” as Osama “departed this world encouraging and inciting you to continue the journey of the revolutions, warning you against premature termination or diversion of these revolutions.”

“The Arab Spring revolutions bore the message of freedom and honor, but they did not possess a protective
force or a sharp sword for their defense, and thus the enemies assailed it and derailed it from its path,” he said, calling on Muslims to “rise in rebellion against oppression and tyranny, revolt against the agents of the Americans, initiate armed uprisings to overthrow them and establish the Shariah.”


Bin Laden makes the case for a Muslim revolt, telling people that they have to do so in order to oust corrupt regimes and battle “subjugation to Western Crusader hegemony, widespread political and financial corruption, social injustice and moral decay.”

“The sincere people of authority and understanding among the Muslim masses must work to incite the masses and prepare them for an uprising. They must spread awareness among them regarding the means for a successful uprising, its purpose and goals, which must from the very beginning be in conformity with the Shariah of the wise one,” he said.

Muslims youths have to be prepared for revolt, he added, “physically in the arts of military training and fighting.”

“This may be done by sending them in groups or individually to the theatres of jihad – the crucibles for the formation of men, the life springs of honor – so that they may engage in the necessary preparations and acquire sufficient experience before returning to the society.”

Bin Laden added that “this must continue until the preparations are complete and the masses are ready for an uprising, so that the spark of an uprising may finally be lit, for its volcanic eruption to sweep aside the tyrant, liberate the masses from oppression, injustice and humiliation, and establish the Shariah of Allah.”


“The price of freedom is expensive, its bill exorbitant,” he added. “Freedom cannot be earned with worthless pieces of paper cast inside a ballot box, nor by participation in polytheistic parliaments which legislate by man-made laws; it’s earned with the ultimate generosity, selfless sacrifice… jihad and martyrdom.”

Since his dad spent his younger years working on his jihadi credentials, Hamza said, Muslims should “dedicate your youth to jihad.”

He also called for his father’s death to be avenged: “I invite Muslims generally to take revenge from the Americans, the murderers of the Shaykh, specifically from those who participated in this heinous crime.”

Footage released days ago by the CIA showed Hamza bin Laden at the Abbottabad compound in Pakistan, which was raided by the U.S. in 2011, resulting in Osama’s death.

Osama’s journal, also released by the CIA last week, shows the al-Qaeda leader talking about training Hamza on “Arab revolts”; Osama’s writings revealed deep fascination with the Arab Spring uprisings. The elder bin Laden wrote about his son traveling to Qatar, “the safest side to avoid crises.”

Hamza’s mother is bin Laden’s third wife, Khayriya Saber, who raised the boy in Iran after the 9/11 attacks per agreement between al-Qaeda and the regime in Tehran. Hamza would later receive some of his training from the Taliban.


The young bin Laden concluded his new message with “a few words of encouragement,” in the form of verse: “Tell America that our swords / In the battleground only increase in their sharpness / They will remain unsheathed to decapitate you / In the hope of reward from the Glorious Lord.”


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