NYT Reports Big Post-Election Bounce in New Subscriptions


The New York Times fired a salvo in their ongoing war with President-elect Donald Trump today: their new subscription stats.

Trump has long prodded the NYT as unsuccessful and failing, like on Wednesday when he was angry over the paper’s coverage of his presidential transition process.


The Gray Lady said today that they added 41,000 new subscriptions, both print and digital, in the seven days following the election.

That represents a sharp post-election increase, as in the entire quarter ending Nov. 15 the NYT added 100,000 new net digital subscribers.

The post-election bounce was the biggest subscription week the paper has had since it launched the digital subscription model with the paywall five years ago.

“We’re delighted to see this unprecedented acceleration in the growth of subscriptions to The New York Times,” president and CEO of The New York Times Company Mark Thompson said in a statement. “We see this surge as further evidence of our ability to attract large numbers of new paying customers and build a subscription business of great scale.”


The NYT also said that they hit personal website traffic records on Election Day and the two following days.

“Our newsroom did exceptional work throughout the campaign and they have continued to provide our readers with penetrating and comprehensive coverage of the incoming administration,” Thompson continued. “The result has been record-breaking audiences and tens of thousands of new subscribers – clear evidence of how much public demand there is for high quality, deeply reported, independent journalism. We will continue to deliver that journalism, without fear or favor, to our readers in America and around the world.”

Some have been encouraging those upset with election results to subscribe to one of the newspapers frequently hit by Trump. HBO’s Last Week Tonight host John Oliver was among those:


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