Snowden Gets 'Humanitarian Asylum' Offer from Venezuela

As the denials for asylum requests were stacking up, NSA leaker Edward Snowden found a home thanks to the guy who took over for Hugo Chavez.

“In my capacity as Head of State and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, I announce the brother governments of the world that we have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to US citizen Edward Snowden, to protect him from a persecution unleashed by the most powerful empire in the world (the US) against a young man who has done nothing but tell the truth,” said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, according to El Universal.


“Who violates international law? A young man who has decided, in an act of rebellion, to tell the truth about the US espionage on the world or a government like that of the United States, or the power of the imperialist elites that spy on the whole world?” Maduro continued.

“Who is the (major) infractor in the world? A 29-year-old man who unveils warmongering plans or the US government that drops bombs and arms the Syrian terrorist opposition against the Syrian people and the legitimate President Bashar Al Assad?”

Maduro made the announcement at a military parade to mark the 202nd anniversary of the declaration of independence of Venezuela. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a congratulatory message to Venezuela on Wednesday, noting “Venezuela and the United States have shared ties of friendship and common values since the birth of our two nations, and the ties between our people endure.”


If Venezuela doesn’t pan out, Snowden has another interesting party: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said the leaker is welcome there “if circumstances permit.”



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