Rice Still Getting That Promotion as Obama Picks Her for National Security Adviser

When UN Ambassador Susan Rice took her name out of the running for secretary of State as controversy swirled over her Benghazi involvement, it was a given that President Obama would later reward his friend for her compliance with a new gig that doesn’t require Senate confirmation.


Today the longtime rumors were confirmed as Obama today plans to announce that his national security adviser, Tom Donilon, is stepping down and Rice will fill his role.

Moving into Rice’s role at the world body with a sad track record of preventing atrocities will be the first leader of Obama’s Atrocities Prevention Board created in 2012, Samantha Power.

Power called Hillary Clinton a “monster” during the 2008 campaign and had to step down from Obama’s team then, only to rejoin his transition team after his victory.

When she left her role as a special assistant on the National Security Council this February, the White House said it was so Power could spend more time with her two small kids. She is married to Obama’s former regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein; they met working on Obama’s first presidential campaign.



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