Scott on MLK: 'If You Stay True to Your Beliefs... You Can Change the World'

A holiday message from the only black U.S. senator, Tim Scott (R-S.C.):

“The strength and determination shown by Dr. King have already inspired generations of Americans, and will continue to do so for countless years to come. He instilled in us the knowledge that if you stay true to your beliefs and convictions, you can truly change the world.

Now, as a nation, we stand at a crossroads. Like Dr. King, we know the challenges ahead of us, and we also stand firm in the belief that tomorrow will bring better and brighter days.

In honoring Dr. King today, we remember many events, speeches and stories. What I remember above all is his courage. The courage to do the right thing in the face of opposition, to never let others tell him his dreams were impossible, to inspire. And that inspiration will help serve to lead us all forward – to the America of our dreams.”



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