Johnson: I Represent Libertarian Voters Who Don't Vote Libertarian

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said he represents all of the self-described libertarians who don’t vote Libertarian.

But, he confidently predicted, that “movement” will one day win the White House.


Johnson is still bucking for the opportunity to do that this year, but didn’t make it into any of the presidential debates. He noted on CNN today that he’s on the ballot in 49 states, making him the only third-party candidate with similar ballot access to President Obama and Mitt Romney.

“I think there needs to be a truth candidate in all of this,” he said, adding that if runaway spending isn’t brought under control “we’re going to find ourselves without a country.”

The governor again brushed off assertions that he’s a potential spoiler on Election Day.

“In New Mexico, in Colorado, in Nevada I take more votes away from Obama. North Carolina, Michigan, I take more votes away from Romney,” he said. “What’s most important is that I am a voice representative of fiscal responsibility and social acceptance.”


Johnson said he believes the majority of Americans are fiscally responsible and socially accepting.

“Where are the majority of Americans being represented by either of these two? And I’ll just tell you, from my viewpoint, what I’m representing is the fastest growing segment of American politics today, the whole libertarian movement, those that would describe themselves as libertarian that historically don’t end up voting libertarian,” he said.

“We’ll see what happens on Election Day, but most important, representing — providing a voice here that isn’t being heard right now.”



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