Reid Resurrects Tax Return Row with Romney at DNC

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) wandered back into the territory of questioning Mitt Romney’s tax returns in his speech before the Democratic National Convention this evening.


“It’s obvious why there’s only been one,” he said of the 2010 return released by Romney, noting that it showed he “pays a lower tax rate than middle-class families.”

Reid said in July that an anonymous source told him Romney hadn’t paid taxes in 10 years, though he didn’t directly reference that charge to the DNC.

“We can only imagine what new secrets would be revealed if he showed the American people a dozen years of tax returns like his father did,” Reid said. “This is about more than just a piece of paper… this is about leveling with the American people and creating a level playing field for them.”

“The American people are still asking who is Mitt Romney but the American people know Barack Obama.”

The majority leader said “Obama’s strength of character leads him to do the right thing even when it isn’t the easy thing.”

“Some said he shouldn’t move heaven and earth to get bin Laden but President Obama made the tough and right call,” he said.


“His whole life there have been who told him what he couldn’t or shouldn’t do but America has a president who knows what we must do,” Reid continued, calling the Republican Party one of “wouldn’ts” and “won’ts.”

“I’ve had a front row seat to watch the Tea Party take over the Republican Party,” he said. “We shouldn’t let them take over the Senate and the White House. “We must stop the Tea Party before the Senate falls into the hands of extremists and ideologues … who don’t recognize common ground even when they’re standing on it.”



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