Georgia Rep: Obama has 'Toothy Smile, Shows Lots of Gum'

A Georgia Republican today, while calling the June jobs numbers “pitiful,” had interesting comments on President Obama’s jobs number spin.

“You know, the president can put all kind of spin on it,” said Rep. Phil Gingrey on CNN. “He’s got a nice swagger, a toothy smile, shows lots of gum. But what the American people want now is a little bit more gumption, a little less gum.”


New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D-La.), on the same program, called Gingrey’s comment “unnecessary.”

“I think the president is doing a good job,” he said. “We have 27 months of consistent growth.”

Gingrey said Obama “gives with one hand and he takes away with the other” such as with the Medicaid expansion that he called a “net negative” for Georgia.

“We have passed over 30 job creating bills, and they are stacking up on Harry Reid’s desk like cord wood,” Gingrey said. “And that’s why Congress is not making any progress. Speaker Boehner is doing a great job. Leader Reid is doing a horrendous job.”



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