Obama Hits 50 Percent Approval for First Day in Nearly a Year

Two polls out this morning both show President Obama on a slight uptick in his approval rating.

In Gallup polling, Obama had a 46 percent approval rating in March, up from 45 percent the previous two months and from his term low of 41 percent last summer and fall.


That includes 11 percent who identify as Republican and 24 percent who identify as conservative.

He also ranked higher among women, young people, those living in the East, those with postgraduate education, low-income earners, and those who seldom or never attend church, according to the Gallup breakdown.

His daily numbers thus far in April included his first 50 percent approval rating in nearly a year, recorded on Friday.

Rasmussen Reports showed Obama with a 49 percent approval rating and 50 percent disapproval today. In March at the same time, the president had a 46 percent approval rating and 53 percent disapproval.

Today’s Rasmussen election match-up has Obama two points ahead of Mitt Romney and six points in front of Rick Santorum.


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