My Nomination for Worst Dad of 2014

I spotted this on a Facebook site styling itself “The Other 98%.” Dear Lord, I hope that’s not true.

feminist father

What is wrong with this t-shirt? Besides everything? Let’s just list a few items:


1.) This father is abdicating his responsibility to put boundaries around his dating-age daughter until she’s mature enough to make good decisions on her own. We don’t let our toddlers alone near swimming pools and we shouldn’t let our teenage daughters and sons make their own dating rules.  They will make bad ones because they don’t know any better yet.  This is called “parenting.”

2.) By declaring that his daughter makes the rules and he is not responsible for her, he is signaling to every male predator out there that his daughter is available for victimization.  Or as Barney Stinson says on How I Met Your Mother, “How would we get strippers if girls didn’t have lousy daddies?”  This father is advertising his daughter to bad men.  Boy Scouts will not be asking this teenage girl out on dates.  Her fifty-year-old married schoolteacher will be.

3.) Feminist Father.  Feminist?  This word might have meant something brave and honest fifty years ago, but is now irrevocably associated with abortion on demand up to and including infanticide after birth, hatred of marriage and men, and a whiny victim status that desires complete equality with men unless they can’t compete, and then the rules should be changed.  This is what this father calls himself, and he is evidently encouraging this attitude in his daughter.  (Are you surprised he could even father a child?)


4.) The fact that this meme even exists is both pathetic and disturbing.  Are such men so emasculated, so morally adrift, that they would actually wear such a thing?

Let’s hope it’s just a meme, and not an actual t-shirt.  If I saw a man wearing it, he’d end up crying like a little girl, and nobody wants to see that.


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