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"Training doesn’t create jobs.”

span style=”font-style:italic;”New York Times:/span a href=”http://www.cnbc.com/id/38303349″After Job Training, Many Still Scrambling for Employment:/abr /br /blockquoteHundreds of thousands of Americans have enrolled in federally financed training programs in recent years, only to remain out of work. That has intensified skepticism about training as a cure for unemployment.br /br /Even before the recession created the bleakest job market in more than a quarter-century, job training was already producing disappointing results. A study conducted for the Labor Department tracking the experience of 160,000 laid-off workers in 12 states from mid-2003 to mid-2005 — a time of economic expansion — found that those who went through training wound up earning little more than those who did not, even three and four years later. “Over all, it appears possible that ultimate gains from participation are small or nonexistent,” the study concluded. /blockquote

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