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Does political correctness teach lack of empathy?

Stuart Schneiderman a href=”http://stuartschneiderman.blogspot.com/2010/05/mind-of-young-america.html”has additional thoughts on why college student’s lack empathy:/a br /br /blockquoteHere political correctness makes a contribution, especially by teaching young people to be intolerant of differing political and cultural viewpoints. If you tell people that they should only listen to people whose ideas echo their own, you are in the business of producing narcissists. ….br /br /Clearly, something paradoxical is afoot in the land. Dr. Helen Smith identifies the problem clearly. In her view, students are gaining their good feelings on the cheap. They support government programs that are supposed to care for people because they want to feel good about having the right feelings. They have not advanced to the level of wondering about whether these programs are helping real people.br /br /The students are so involved with their own good feelings that they have no sense of the realities of the programs they support. If you really care about other people you care about whether they have jobs. If you support quasi-socialistic experiments that end up costing jobs and then vote for politicians who want to set up more and more programs to take care of the unemployed… does that show how much you care for other people or how little you are interested in their lives?/blockquote