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The boy crisis in China

a href=”http://www.gurianinstitute.com/”Michael Gurian from the Gurian Institute/a emails some interesting information about the boy crisis in China:br /blockquotebr /Last month, I received an email and phone call from Chen Sai, a reporter in China, who writes for Life Week Magazine, a href=”http://www.lifeweek.com.cn/”www.lifeweek.com.cn./a br /br /Chen Sai wrote, “I’m working on a cover story about the Boy Crisis in China. During the last 10 years, rapid economical growth and technological progress have changed the way children grow up and socialize themselves in China. Boys have been weakened and alienated by our society to such an extent that their performances are far behind girls in so many levels, which worries and confuses the parents, educators and the whole society.”br /br /Chen Sai and I spoke and corresponded a number of times, and I was honored that the Gurian Institute’s work was noted in the ultimate article, “Saving our Sons” in the 3/20/2010 issue of LifeWeek. Most powerful, however, was the understanding I and our whole GI team gained of what is going on in China, with both boys and girls. br /br /I am in a process of learning more every day about what is happening with Asian boys—Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and elsewhere. I hope you will feel inspired to do the same. Working with Chen Sai has forced me to push beyond any stereotypes I had about other countries and their boys and girls. In China, for instance, I had assumed that boys must be far ahead of girls. That was incorrect on my part./blockquote