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Serial Killers on Biography

If you get the Biography channel on cable, you can watch me as an expert on a show about serial killer Robert Pickton, a pig farmer charged with killing 27 women in Canada. a href=”http://www.biography.com/listings/episode_details.do?episodeid=510320airingid=510914″Here is the description:/abr /br /blockquoteBetween 1995 and 2001, serial killer Robert “Willie” Pickton killed at least six Canadian women. All the women were known drug addicts or prostitutes from “Low Track”–Vancouver’s gritty Downtown Eastside neighborhood. Pickton picked up his victims from the street and took them back to his pig farm in Port Coquitlam. There, Pickton would strangle or shoot each woman before mercilessly cutting her up in his slaughterhouse. By the time police caught up with Pickton, more than sixty women were missing from Low Track. After the most extensive forensic investigation in Canadian history, Pickton was charged with murdering 27 women. He was finally convicted on six counts of second-degree murder. He is currently appealing those charges, and is yet to stand trial for a further 20 murders./blockquotebr /br /a href=”http://www.biography.com/listings/episode_details.do?episodeid=510320airingid=510914″The show airs at 8:00 eastern time/a tonight, Dec. llth.br /br /Update: If you are a night owl and don’t mind having nightmares, you can watch it again tonight, a href=”http://www.biography.com/listings/episode_details.do?episodeid=510320airingid=510916″Dec. 12th at 12:am./a