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Conservative women and politics

Glenn and I spent part of the weekend in Nashville covering the a href=”http://smartgirlpolitics.ning.com/”Smart Girl Politics Summit/a, a conference of conservative women for PJTV. Women from around the country were there to learn how to be activists, listen to speakers such as Liz Cheney, a href=”http://michellemalkin.com/”Michelle Malkin /aand Congresswoman Masha Blackburn, and to find like-minded souls who share a love of free markets and limited government. br /br /After interviewing a number of the women, I found the common theme to be a sense of isolation due to media exclusion of their voices, or if they were mentioned at all in the media, their portrayal was negative. I must say all of the women seemed pretty tough and talked about how they were personally attacked for their views. Most were moms and worried about their kids and how the negativity would affect them. One attendee, a href=”http://www.carolmswain.com/”Vanderbuilt Law and Political Science Professor Carol Swain/a, stated that she was often given flak and negative feedback for being an African American conservative. But all of the women rose to the challenge and said that despite the personal attacks, they would continue to speak out, become activists, and some would run for office. The conference, and the women were inspiring, and reminded me that there are many people, both men and women who will continue to fight for the American way of life.br /br /The interviews should be up at PJTV soon and will give you a chance to hear from women whose views are a welcome departure from the typical propaganda we hear from the popular women’s magazines and the MSM.