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Turning girls into geeky boys

Great, now that boys are no longer bothering to go to college, the admissions office at select schoolsa href=”http://www.volokh.com/archives/archive_2009_08_02-2009_08_08.shtml#1249754956″ is trying to turn girls into geeky boys/a. I hope this is just a fad. Kenneth Anderson at the Volokh Conspiracy interviewed someone close to the admissions process at a reasonably select school and here is what they said:br /br /blockquoteSelective schools are not interested these days in girls who like English and history, like to read and are able to write clearly and well. Those skills fill the bell curve for smart girls … Selective schools have absorbed the folk myths of bobo culture. So cool girls are math smart, genetically destined to be hackers, risk takers, and into competitive sports. Cool girls for selective schools prefer engineering over history, math over English, computer science over political science, and economics over psychology. A touch of Asperger’s isn’t a bad thing for a girl, either. Actually, it’s a great thing. It will be a long time before being able to write well, disconnected from technical skills in math or science, will be a valued skill for its own sake in admissions. /blockquotebr /br /How many girls really fit into this category? And what kinds of boys are “cool” to the admissions office? Since when did being “cool” become a main qualification for getting into college? Is college just the new junior high? If so, yuck, and I hope people bypass it.