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Score one for couples counseling

Blogger Stuart Schneiderman a href=”http://stuartschneiderman.blogspot.com/2009/01/does-couples-counseling-work.html”has a post entitled, /a”Does couples counseling work?” He mentions an article in emCosmo/em describing the advice given to split couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie:br /br /blockquoteThanks to their counselor Madonna and Guy posted “a list of relationship guidelines” on the walls of their New York apartment. Of course, if you have children who can read or friends coming in and out, this is not a great idea.br /br /Guy was instructed to “enrich his wife’s spiritual and emotional well-being,” and to study the Kabbalah with her. And both parties were told: “not to use sex as a stick to beat one another.”br /br /For my part I cannot even venture to guess whose stick was being used to beat on whom.br /br /Be that as it may, the tenor of the advice tells me one thing: that Madonna was paying for it. I hate to attribute even unconscious venal motives to anyone, no less a professional, but the counselor’s advice is clearly one-sided….br /br /The counselor told Ritchie to serve his wife, to attend to her spiritual and emotional needs, and to worship with her at the same altar.br /br /Perhaps that was just what he needed to see clearly what he had gotten involved in. Couples counseling helped Guy Ritchie to see the writing on the wall, and he decided to cut his losses. Score one for couples counseling./blockquotebr /br /Marriage therapy isn’t always about staying together, sometimes it can help a lucky person like Guy realize that he is better off apart.