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"Stay positive and focused"

So, how is everyone dealing with the aftermath this morning? I like what Michelle Malkin a href=”http://michellemalkin.com/2008/11/05/gird-your-loins-conservatives/”had to say:/abr /br /blockquoteThere is no time to lick wounds, point fingers, and wallow in post-election mud.br /br /I’m getting a lot of moan-y, sad-face “What do we do now, Michelle?” e-mails.br /br /What do we do now? We do what we’ve always done. br /br /We stand up for our principles, as we always have — through Democrat administrations and Republican administrations, in bear markets or bull markets, in peacetime and wartime.br /br /We stay positive and focused.br /br /We keep the faith.br /br /We do not apologize for our beliefs./blockquotebr /br /Good advice.