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Jews, Religion and the Democratic Party

a href=”http://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/2008/09/21/open-letter-to-my-fellow-jews-the-democratic-party-is-not-your-religion-or-anybodys/”Roger Simon at PJM/a has a message for Jews who have looked to the Democrats as a kind of religion: br /br /blockquoteFrom the days of FDR, the vast majority of American Jews have identified with the Democratic Party almost if it were their religion. This included most especially secular Jews like me whose blasé attitude toward their faith and toward religious observance in general made such a replacement all the more important emotionally. This same Jewish majority also identified with the cause of social justice and, as Barack Obama among many others has noted, were some of the most active participants in the civil rights movement of the Fifties and Sixties. That was all how it should have been and was a perfectly logical and praiseworthy epoch in the development of our country.br /br /Hello – those days are over!/blockquotebr /br /Those days are long gone, I have trouble understanding why Jews don’t change course when the political climate changes. Many are stuck in the 60’s, thinking that the Democrats are on their side. They aren’t. When will Jews wake up and realize that the party they thought was their friend is currently anything but?