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Democratic Platform is Bad for Men

a href=”http://glennsacks.com/blog/?page_id=2623″Glenn Sacks and Mike McCormick:/a DNC Platform: Bad News for Dads:br /br /blockquoteIf the Democratic Party is interested in garnering men’s votes, one certainly would not know it from their platform. The Democratic National Committee’s “Renewing America’s Promise” is bad news for American fathers.br /br /The platform’s “Fatherhood” plank puts all blame for father absence squarely on men, and promises to “crack down” on fathers who are behind on their child support. It also promises to ratchet up draconian domestic violence laws which often victimize innocent men and separate them from their children….br /br /Fathers’ ties to their children are more tenuous than at any time in American history. Child support and domestic violence policies have helped drive a wedge between fathers and their children. Sadly, the Democratic Party has committed itself to policies which will make the problem worse./blockquotebr /br /No self-respecting man should support this platform and any woman who gives a hoot about civil liberties should be wary of laws that lead to arrests of citizens just span style=”font-style:italic;”because/span of their sex. These draconian laws deprive men of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Is this really the message the Democratic Party wants to send?