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Obama Quits Trinity Church

Chicago Archdiocese Hammers Father Pfleger (Political Punch)

Another Pastor Complicates Obama’s Campaign (MSNBC)

Obama Quits His Church (The Caucus)

Obama Leaves Trinity (Ben Smith Blog)

Obama: Good-bye to the Trinity Church (Roger L. Simon)

Thirty Pieces of Silver (Redstate)

Obama Quits His Church (Political Radar)

“There is something about this decision that raises more questions than it answers.” (John Podhoretz)

Obama Resigns His Membership at Trinity Church (The Moderate Voice)

Wright Out or Wimp Out (Monroe Anderson)

“There goes that historic, transcendent, life-changing, not since the Gettysburg Address, ‘I have a dream,’ must-be-taught-in-every-school race speech. It didn’t hold up three months, let alone the time it would take to print up new textbooks.” (Amy Holmes)

“So he’s leaving because he doesn’t want TUCC to get further scrutiny, and not because he wants to distance himself from the radical nature of the church. That’s not exactly a profile in courage.” (Ed Morrissey)

“Jesus doesn’t live under a single steeple. …or something like that.” (Taylor Marsh)

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