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Is Racism really "more deadly" than Ageism in this Presidential Race?

a href=”http://www.nysun.com/news/ageism-vs-racism”An article /a in the emNew York Sun/em (Hat tip: a href=”http://www.pjmedia.com/instapundit/archives2/019220.php”Instapundit/a) states that the racism that Obama faces is a much bigger deal than the ageism that McCain faces:br /blockquotebr /But there is a double standard in operation. Of the two sins, racism is by far the more deadly. Color is strictly off limits while a person’s age, it seems, is fair game for humor. ..br /br /A Newsweek poll taken between April 24 and April 25 asked voters whether America is ready for an African-American president, and 19% said no, with 7% saying they were unsure. That is more than a quarter of the electorate. br /br /A subsidiary question was worded to test the true feelings of respondents. It asked whether those who said America was ready for an African-American president held views about voting for a black candidate they were not willing to express. More than half, 53%, said they believed that “most” (12%) or “some” (41%) of the 74% saying America was ready for a black president were disguising their real thoughts…..br /br /Although Mr. McCain may appear to be at a disadvantage because his perceived weakness is regurgitated and reinforced nightly by entertainers who ridicule him because of his age, Mr. Obama ultimately may suffer the most because his disadvantage is not spoken about openly. br /br /Mr. McCain can address the issue of age head on. He can point out that the very notion of age is fast changing. Sixty is the new 40 and 80 the new 60.br /br /Mr. Obama, meanwhile, dare not raise the issue that, like an iceberg, threatens to sink his chances. Truly, it is no laughing matter./blockquote br /br /Funny that the author points out all kinds of stats and percentages for those who say that racism is an issue, yet fails to provide the same information on those who say they will not vote for McCain because of his age. I’ll help the author out here. Here is just one sample of how voters feel about McCain’s age a href=”http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/226444/is_john_mccain_too_old_to_be_president.html”in an article /aentitled, “Is McCain too Old to be President?”:br /br /blockquoteOne-fifth of New Hampshire residents surveyed in a recent University of New Hampshire poll said McCain’s age would make them less likely to vote for him./blockquote br /br /So, a full 20% in New Hampshire are unlikely to vote for McCain due to his age. That is comparable to the 19% who said they simply did not believe the US was ready for an African American president. And how many more outside of New Hampshire might be hiding how they feel about age? Who knows?br /br /My point is that many people will not vote for various politicians based on a lot of factors, but when it comes to race, those factors get front and center stage while the others are pushed off to the side as unimportant when they may be as important or moreso.