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Try Being Instapundit

I have to laugh when I read a href=”http://althouse.blogspot.com/2008/04/what-is-instapundit-formula.html”posts like this over/a at Ann Althouse’s blog where she links to a blogger (don’t know him or her) who says it’s easy to be a href=”http://www.instapundit.com/”Instapundit./a Like myself, Ann disagrees with this analysis, emphasizing that this blogging style is harder than it looks and that brevity is not always easy. br /br /The blogger gives a few tips on how to blog in Glenn’s style–citing laziness, lack of intellectualism, and easy brief links as the key to Instapundit’s success. I have read over the years bloggers who talk about my husband’s blogging style (usually those who disagree with him) and make fun of it. To those bloggers who feel this way, I have a challenge for you. Try being Instapundit for a while and see if you can achieve the following:br /br /1) Keep up the sheer volume of posting daily to the tune of over 25 posts a day, perhaps more–basically blogging several times an hour. The emNew York Times /em suggests that some bloggers a href=”http://drhelen.blogspot.com/2008/04/can-blogging-give-you-heat-attack.html”have heart attacks /aand feel stressed doing a lot less blogging than this (not that I believe this). br /br /2) Keep up a daily average of a href=”http://www.sitemeter.com/?a=statss=s11instapundit”250,000 page views or more /ato your site emall by yourself./em That is, no daily diarists, no co-bloggers, nobody, just you. The one exception is a few times a year, you can get a few terrific guest bloggers like a href=”http://althouse.blogspot.com/2008/04/what-is-instapundit-formula.html”Professor Althouse /aand others to fill in for a week or so. br /br /3) Keep up this level of interest emwithout comments /emwhich increase page views because people keep checking back to see what others have said back to them and finally;br /br /4) Keep this up year after year without complaining, getting upset or bothered, yelling at people, and simultaneously staying happy and doing a million other things that make the world a better place.br /br /If you can do this, then I will eat my words and proclaim you blogger of the century. Otherwise, your criticisms are just hollow words.br /br /Update: Katie Allison Granju agrees–a href=”http://knoxvilletalks.com/2008/04/29/its-not-easy-being-glenn/”it’s not easy being Glenn./a