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Feminist blogs unfairly labeled "Feminist blogs"

Rachel Lucas has a post on a href=”http://rachellucas.com/index.php/2008/04/16/delusional-feminist-week-continues/”delusional feminists /a in which she is puzzled by an article in Glamor magazine stating that female political bloggers don’t get enough attention (yeah, right–I say some get too much, given some of the hatred and nuttiness some of these misandrists spew, but that’s another story):br /br /blockquoteHere’s my favorite part, though. The Glamor article quotes a guy named Ezra Klein and his opinion that “while male political bloggers are known as ‘political’ bloggers, women are more often known as ‘feminist’ bloggers.” Klein then mentions two female bloggers by name (Jill Filipovic and Ann Friedman) as examples of women who are unfairly labeled “feminist” bloggers. br /br /I clicked on the hyperlinks of both those names to decide for myself if they were “political” and not “feminist” bloggers, and in so doing, I discovered the names of their actual blogs. And I shit you not, these two blogs, which it is apparently so very wrong to label “feminist,” are called:br /br /Feministing.combr /br /andbr /br /Feministe.us/blockquotebr /br /My guess is that some “feminist” blogs such as the above get the attention they do because they are feminist blogs, not in spite of it. As Rachel points out, they don’t even mention real political blogs such as a href=”http://michellemalkin.com/”Michelle Malkin /a(nor do they mention a href=”http://www.althouse.blogspot.com/”Ann Althouse/a) both political bloggers who happen to be women. I wonder why.