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Are Women Always More Empathetic?

It doesn’t appear so–at least when it comes to putting their husbands down when yucking it up with their girlfriends. Cassy Fiano at Wizbang a href=”http://wizbangblog.com/content/2008/03/11/michelle-obama-men-are-selfish-incompetent-and-a-mess.php”has some advice for wives who male bash:/abr /br /blockquoteWomen, say it with me: MEN. ARE. NOT. THE. ENEMY.br /br /And this “harmless” disparagement of husbands among wives is not harmless either, ladies. It may seem like it’s just fun and games to put down your husband when you’re gossiping with your girlfriends, but it isn’t. Would you say that kind of stuff to his face? Would you tell your husband that he can’t take care of himself if his life depended on it, that he’s selfish and doesn’t pay enough attention to his family? If you wouldn’t, then don’t go around laughing about it with your girlfriends without a second thought. Men seem stoic and unbreakable, but they aren’t. If your husband heard you telling your girlfriends how selfish he is, how he never helps out around the house, how he’s such a mess, how he can’t take care of himself… even if you meant it in jest, I can guarantee you that it would kill him inside. And you, loving wife, would probably never even know it./blockquotebr /br /Good advice, especially for women who think span style=”font-style:italic;”they/span are the ones who are so “empathetic” and caring in their relationships.