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Obama Wins Wyoming Caucus

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ABC News: Obama takes Wyoming

CNN: Obama ahead 59-40, with 78% of precincts reporting.

AP: “Obama led Clinton 61 percent to 38 percent with 11 of 23 counties reporting.”

Slate: Do the Wyoming caucuses matter? Nope.

Reuters: “With a long history of firsts in women’s rights, Wyoming would seem to be a state primed to put its stamp on the presidential aims of Sen. Hillary Clinton, but experts say that doesn’t seem likely.”

NYT: “[Clinton’s] presence in Wyoming, along with her two leading surrogates – her husband and her daughter, Chelsea – underscores how the race has become a pitched battle for each of the remaining 12 contests, which could help determine the Democratic nominee.”

CNN: Obama, Clinton rustle up support in Wyoming

LA Times: “Normally, it is not much fun being a Democrat here. The sparsely populated state — with half a million residents, it ranks 50th in the nation — has 59,130 registered Democrats, compared with 136,000 Republicans.”

Washington Wire: “Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are finally getting a little me-time. Or as they say in politics: the candidates are “down” this weekend. Wyoming will hold a Democratic Caucus on Saturday, but neither candidate will be stumping in the capital of Cheyenne.”

AP: “Clinton’s campaign has sought to set low expectations for the Saturday caucuses in Wyoming as well as next week’s primary in Mississippi, states where her campaign believes Obama has a better shot at winning.”

MyDD: “I’m watching Hillary Clinton’s townhall in Laramie, WY on CNN.com and I’m really struck by the distinct shift in tone and mood on display at the event. Remember the sort of desperation that seemed to characterize Clinton’s appearances a couple of weeks ago? Today there is a calmness and a sense of confidence in her demeanor”

AP: “Twelve national convention delegates are at stake Saturday in caucuses around the state, a small but critical prize in the close race for the party’s nod. The epic battle between Clinton and Obama has given the state’s Democrats-outnumbered more than 2-to-1 by Republicans-a relevancy they haven’t experienced in a presidential race in nearly 50 years.”

Newsweek: Hillary, Obama tied in the latest national poll by the newsmagazine.