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Podcast: The Daring Book for Girls

a href=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0061472573?ie=UTF8tag=wwwviolentkicomlink_code=as3camp=211189creative=373489creativeASIN=0061472573″img alt=”daringbookcov.jpg” src=”http://instapundit.com/archives2/images/daringbookcov.jpg” align=right border=0 width=”118″ height=”160″ //aToday we interview the authors of a href=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0061472573?ie=UTF8tag=wwwviolentkicomlinkCode=as2camp=1789creative=9325creativeASIN=0061472573″emThe Daring Book for Girls/em/aimg src=”http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=wwwviolentkicoml=as2o=1a=0061472573″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” / about how girls can put a little adventure into their lives. The book teaches girls how to change a tire, run a lemonade stand, negotiate a salary and lots more. The authors discuss if kids are active enough today, women spies, advice on boys and whether or not Hillary Clinton is a “daring girl.”br /br /You can listen directly (no downloading needed) by a href=”http://politicscentral.com/2007/11/01/the_glenn_and_helen_show_advic.php”going here/a and clicking on the gray Flash player. You can download the file and listen at your leisure by a href=”http://richmedia.pjmedia.com/audio/politicscentral/glenn_helen_show/20071102-Daring.mp3″clicking right here./a And you can get a lo-fi version, suitable for dialup, cellphones, etc. by a href=”http://politicscentral.com/2007/11/01/the_glenn_and_helen_show_advic.php”going here/a and selecting lo-fi. A free iTunes subscription is available here, and you can visit our show archives at a href=”http://glennandhelenshow.com”GlennandHelenShow.com./abr /br /This podcast was brought to you by a href=”http://volvocars.us”Volvo Automobiles./a Music is by a href=”http://theantidote.net/music/”Audra and the Antidote./a