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Snapped in the New York Times

The show “Snapped,” the Oxygen show about women who murder a href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/07/arts/television/07bell.html?ex=1184644800en=67dd750a34081a2dei=5070emc=eta1″was in the emNew York Times /em /athe other day (thanks to the reader who sent the link):br /br /blockquoteWere you to spend a day at home in the exclusive company of your remote control, you might come to the conclusion that “Snapped” was the most consistently rerun show on television. A true-crime series set to begin its sixth season on the Oxygen network in the fall, “Snapped” appears every Sunday night and for hours and hours each weekday. Should you happen upon it on a random Wednesday morning, you might feasibly reorganize a closet, do some yoga in your living room, make a brisket and still never be forced to change the channel to find something new to watch.br /br /“Snapped,” which made its debut three years ago, is about women who murder. It remains among Oxygen’s highest-rated shows, having had an instrumental role in recasting women’s television away from its celebrations of victimhood to its new fetish for female aberrance. (“Snapped” is rivaled in popularity on Oxygen only by “The Bad Girls Club,” a reality show whose title precludes the need for any explanation.)/blockquotebr /br /I can vouch for the endless reruns of this show. I was an expert on for the first season and a half and get at least someone every week saying that they have seen me on one of the shows within the last week. I don’t get the Oxygen channel on my cable network but apparently the show runs all day long. If you get the Oxygen network, you can check out a href=”http://www.oxygen.com/snapped/?index=0″the show times here./a