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Who are DrHelen Readers?

You can see the results of the a href=”http://www.blogreaderproject.com/Blogs/BlogsFolder/dr-helen”BlogAd Blog Project here./a A summary of the demographics of DrHelen readers is as follows: the majority of you are between 21-55 with 32.5% between 46-55, 31% between 35-45, and 19.5% between 21-34; 74.6% male and 25.4% female, 54.5% are Suburban dwellers vs. 22% urban and the majority of readers say they have a family income of $90,000-$120,000.br /br /You are well-educated with 38.3% having a post-graduate degree and 36.4% a college degree. 47.1% are Republican, 27% Independent, 13.2% Libertarian, and 5.4% Democrats. 85.3% are white, and the other 14.7% are non-white. 16.2% of you are computer professionals, started reading blogs in 2001 (22%) and read blogs for a better perspective(82.7%), and news you can’t find elsewhere (78.8%). Sadly 51.4% of you do not listen to podcasts–come on, they are really fun.br /br /You can a href=”http://www.blogreaderproject.com/Blogs/BlogsFolder/dr-helen”read the rest here./a