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Liveblogging the Livebloggers: The Chatter During the GOP Debate

The Truffle says: “Romney is such a vapid individual. Yup, he’s a shoo-in for the nomination.”

Most of the livebloggers think that McCain looks old, nervous and is acting weird. ‘McCain responds to a question about immigration by seizing the opportunity, laying into an obviously pre-planned tough-guy boast: Squinting into the camera, he shouts “I’ll follow him to the gates of hell.” Everyone else in the room is quite obviously embarassed by the display.’ (Alien and Sedition)

Is moderator Chris Matthews impersonating Robin Leach? (Hit and Run)

Sister Toldjah thinks Matthews is an “awful moderator”

Trapper John on Daily Kos , on the other hand, thinks he’s fabulous and “keeps it moving — and tough, but fair, questions.”

Vodkapundit need lots of martinis to get through this one.
“Everybody is trying to sound like Reagan, except for Rudi – and he’s trying to sound like Reagan filtered through Goldwater filtered through Roe v. Wade. I just say give everybody a knife already.”

Lots of snappy observations at The Corner, including the popular sentiment that the big winner in this debate is Fred Thompson. Cornerites John Podhoretz and Peter Robinson are both really impressed by Mike Huckabee.

Roger Simon also thinks Fred Thompson came out the big winner. “Dull dull dull. The wise man stayed out.”