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Support Pajamas' Energy Program

Created by Brian Huyser of Symmetric Technologies in 2006, OBB is focused on educating people on the benefits of changing out old light bulbs to newer more energy efficient ones. In addition, OBB can allow you or your group to register your actions on line. As of April 21, 2007, OBB members have recorded over 45,000 bulbs that have been changed.

The broader Pajamas Energy Initiative will also allow people (like former DCI James Woolsey below) and groups to indicate other energy changes they have made in their home (appliances, heating/cooling, wind/solar) and transportation (what type of fuel efficient car they drive).

James Woolsey speaks to Pajamas Media about his personal contribution to energy conservation and independence

Please join us as we start our new program on Earth Day 2007.
Change a bulb and make a difference in energy conservation and energy independence.