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Pajamas Weekend Review

The best of the week @ Pajamas:

The Corn & Miniter Show – Episode 4
– Giuliani’s social views, Gingrich’s stilted Spanish, and Obama’s cash.

Seymour Hersh discusses U.S. “invasion plans” on Iranian Radio

The General Vanishes: In early February, Ali-Reza Asgari, a high ranking Iranian General and a “gold mine for Western intelligence,” vanished on a trip to Istanbul. Or did he? – Richard Miniter

Dr. Arieh Eldad – The Pajamas Media Interview – Part 1

So, We’ve Established That We’ll Pay:
Yes, they’re free. And now the hostage taking and the beheadings will continue until further notice. – Jules Crittenden

Clinton Saves But Nixon Invests:
There are jobs only the government can do or fund. So why aren’t these getting done? – Max B. Sawicky

Dr. Arieh Eldad – The Pajamas Media Interview – Part 3

Sanity Squad: Nancy’s Excellent Adventure

The Glenn and Helen Show: Abolish Adolescence? – Are we raising a nation of wimps?

Baghdad Report: Bombs and A Bridge Too Near

Blog Week in Review: Richard Fernandez on Iran

The Scarf of the Style, She Covers Much – The Manolo looks at what the well-dressed politician should wear during global drive-bys.

Present At the Bombing – Richard Miniter, PJM Washington editor, was at the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad when it was bombed Thursday morning killing 8 and injuring over 20.

The Corn & Miniter Show – Episode 5 – McCain putting all his eggs in the war basket, Fred Thompson’s increasingly serious flirtation with a run, and Rudy’s romp with the Confederate flag issue.

Coffee with the ‘Diplomat of the Year’
– The always tactful Turkish ambassador to the US, Nabi Sensoy.