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Men Just Want to Have Fun

Men, it seems, a href=”http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18077154/?GT1=9246″are watching more video on the Internet /athan women:br /br /blockquote”Men are more visual than women, who tend to communicate in writing and or in words,” said Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst with eMarketer and the author of the report.br /br /She said at first she was shocked at the disparity between the sexes because women tend to watch more television. But she argues men are generally ahead of the technology trend.br /br /”Women are more likely to use the Internet to get things done, to accomplish tasks, to check something off of a checklist that they need to do,” Williamson said.br /br /”Men are more likely to use the Internet to have fun. And a lot of what you see on youtube.com is silly, time-saving kinds of things that maybe women don’t feel they have the time for, or don’t want to have the time for.”br /br /Williamson said that despite the growth of youtube.com, women have not been part of the site’s traffic spike.br /br /”You really do see youtube.com continuing to be more of a male-dominated video site,” Williamson said./blockquotebr /br /Hey, what if men are more visual and want to destress on the internet and have a good time watching videos, so what? I think it’s great. The reason? If men don’t go to therapy (and why should they?) or talk much to their girlfriends or wives (again, why should they if they are not getting any satisfaction from it?) and need a way to connect, laugh, be silly etc., then maybe the internet offers the perfect way to do that. TV pitches their advertising and shows mainly to women because they know that women control most of the purse strings in this country. The internet is still a bit like the Wild West, where even men can still find sites and blogs that are accepting of masculinity and don’t portray men as either buffoons, chauvanists or both. Sure, some of these sites like a href=”http://bloggingheads.tv/”Blogging Heads TV/a are still salivating over trying to get female viewers to show how “proggressive” they are, but I say, what’s wrong with having guys as viewers and readers? They’re an important demographic too.