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Kidnapped boy found

I was just at the hospital visiting my mother who broke her foot yesterday and happened to catch a segment of CNN describing an Amber alert. A thirteen year old boy in Florida was a href=”http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/myfox/pages/Home/Detail?contentId=2477765version=9locale=EN-USlayoutCode=TSTYpageId=1.1.1″kidnapped at gunpoint /aat a bus stop with around 14 other kids present:br /br /blockquoteAccording Bristow, the kidnapper came out with a gun, and Clay happened to be the closest student to him. He ordered Clay to go with him. Other students starting running, screaming, hysterical and the kidnapper was able to get Clay into the truck.br /br /Students at the scene say that Clay said “Sir, I don’t know you.”br /br /One child described a heart-breaking scene: br /br /“Everyone said when he got in the car, he was bawling his eyes out,” said Jonathan Fletcher, a friend and classmate of Clay’s.br /br /Bristow said it was probably the scariest situation the children had ever encountered./blockquotebr /Luckily, the suspect let the boy go, although he is still at large. However, I cannot imagine how relieved the boy’s family must be that he was found alive.