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Who Says Boys Don't Like to Read and Write?

a href=”http://voxday.blogspot.com/”Vox Day,/a the Christian libertarian a href=”http://www.kandbbooksellers.com/”writer/a and blogger sent me a copy today of his son Christopher’s new book, “This and Last Season’s Excursions.” It is an imaginative children’s book that shares some wonderful adventures of a boy and his animals. What is most amazing is that Christopher a href=”http://shop.aultbeapublishing.com/products/this-and-last-seasons-excursions”wrote this book /alast year when he was six years and four months old. He may possibly be the youngest male author but this has not been verified yet. Anyway, go by and check out a href=”http://www.cbeale.com/”Christopher’s website /athat tells more about the book and about Christopher. I think more boys would enjoy reading and writing if they were encouraged to read and write about things that held their interest, as opposed to what librarians and teachers give them on a reading list. Christopher is homeschooled; I wonder if boys who are homeschooled enjoy reading more than those who go to public schools?