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How Many Husbands has this Woman Killed?

I was looking at our local news online anda href=”http://www.wate.com/Global/story.asp?S=5751986″ came across this story /aabout a local woman who was just indicted for killing her second husband:br /br /blockquoteThe widow of a former Knox County District Attorney now faces first degree murder charges for the death of her second husband, a popular West Knox County barber. Raynella Dossett-Leath was free on bond Thursday night. She is charged with the 2003 murder of David leath. br /br /David Leath was shot in the head on March 13th as he slept in the couple’s bed. The death was ruled a homicide, but it took 3 years for a break in the case. br /br /Late Tuesday a Knox County grand jury indicted the widow. She posted a $5,000 bond after turning herself in. br /br /The crime scene was the family’s 165 acre farm on Solway Road where Raynella still lives. Her first husband, former DA Ed Dossett also died there in 1992. That death was ruled an accident. In a wheelchair and weakened by cancer, authorities believe Dossett was trampled by cattle. br /br /In 1995, Raynella Dossett-Leath was charged with attempted murder. She was accused of firing several shots at a man inside her barn. She was never convicted in that case. /blockquotebr /br /I remember when this woman’s first husband died–everyone said he was trampled by cattle but it sounded a bit suspicious then. Now that she has been indicted for the murder of her second husband, I wonder if there will be any investigation to see if there was any foul play in the death of her first husband?