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A Note on Comments

You might have noted that I enabled the comment moderation for a couple of days during a a href=”http://drhelen.blogspot.com/2006/09/bit-of-over-reaction.html”discussion of this post/a. While I enjoy lively discussion and have no problem with disagreements with myself or others, the thread disinigrated into such a juvenile level of name calling, and just plain silly behavior that I chose to moderate the comments. br /br /Remember, I do not have time to always read through and moderate these comments as they come in–and I really do not want to, as I feel that people should say what they want on my blog, within reason. But, unfortunately, people also associate my views with the commenters–making it my business what people here say. But some of the commenters–particularly those coming from live journal sites (you know you’ve hit bottom when you see these in your referral stats) are just attacks, plain and simple. If you wish to change people’s minds, at least use an ounce of common sense and decency, unless your purpose is just to harrass others, in which case, you are wasting your time here. br /br /I will add that most of my regular readers are gems, have great insight and even when they do not like what I say, are polite and knowleadgeable, often getting me to stop and think. However, the trolls make it more difficult for everyone. I hope that I can keep the comment section open and unmoderated and that good sense (and good discussion) will prevail.